Serdtse Okeana Shar-Pei Kennel

34 Champions of Russia
Champions of Korea
2 Champions of China
38 Junior Champions of Russia
6 Champions of National Club
6 Junior Champions of National Club
6 Grand Champions

list of titles see here.

Tatiana Molchanovskaya - Judge FCI-RKF, Biologist, Director of Canine Center "Companion". Adress: 690080, Russia, Primorsky Region, Vladivostok City, Belyaeva St. 7-36.

Tel. +7 (423) 2-259-404 / E-mail:

"Serdtse Okeana" ("Heart of The Ocean" from Russian) is collective kennel. The main breed is Chinese Shar-Pei. One of the first dogs of this breed in the Primorsky Region is Tony I S Chaestersanta, "Chita" (owner Tatiana Molchanovskaya), who arrived to us from Moscow in May 1996 at two months of age. As an outstanding dam that gave seven litters, she gave to her children full set of teeth, scissor bite, excellent pigmentation of tongue and gums, hassle-free skin and wool, well-opened, without any plastic operations eyes. I can endlessly sing praises for this dog. She walked the show path from "Best Puppy" to "Best Veteran", with 3x CAC, 2x R.CAC, R.CACIB, 2x Best of Breed, 8x Best Veteran. Among her children, grandchildren and grand-grand... we have Champions of Russia with prefix "Serdtse Okeana", Junior Champions of Russia, Candidates for International Champions. For our chagrin, arrived in the future male has all kinds of anomalies down to heavy defeats at the extremities (kennel "Veter Azii"), so dogs were used very limited. In general, our breeding work was based on using dogs from kennel Etual Nuar, that owned by Yushin O. In 2005 new male from kennel "Kitayskiy Kvartal" - Altair Zvezdniy iz Kitayskogo Kvartala, son of Russian Champion White-Tusk Frankenstein (Hungary), grandson of the blue peis from USA and France, began his breeding career. Since 2007 in breeding was used red male Midnight Music Vivaldi, son of Champion USA Jade East It's Heat Wave, grandson of Craft Champion, 6x World Champion Jade East Mission To Mars.

Now at kennel we use Junior Champion of Russian, Champion of Russia, Champion of RKF Tagri Edcher Dakotta Cowboy, apricot dilute. In 2011 came Chinshow North Ost Marsel from kennel "Chinshow", grandson of Epics Eurostar For Nantou who has blue-lines. Now he is Junior Champion of Russia, Champion of Russia, Champion of RKF, Champion of National Club, Grand Champion. From 2013 we use red male Junior Champion of Russia, Champion of Russia, Champion of RKF Tiger Mot. Also in 2013 from kennel "Ty Koan Ky" (France) we brought grandson of 6x World Champion Jade East Mission To Mars - Hector Ty Koan Ky, who have titles Junior Champion of Russia, Champion of Russia, Junior Champion of Club, Champion of Club, Champion RKF, Grand Champion.

Our dogs are unchanging leaders on shows of highest rank, and we can offer you puppies different colors and quality. Our experience in cynology is more than 35 years, we can give you professional advise in any questions. Also we bred Chihuahuas and Yorkshire Terriers.